Olive oil

Vaucluse’s Olive oil

Virgin olive oil is a pure fruit juice. Harvesting takes place in November and December. In the Luberon area, the predominant olive variety is the Aglandau; the olive groves are mainly situated around Saint Saturnin lès Apt. Technique. After washing in cold water, the olives are crushed, with their stones, and then mixed until an oily paste is obtained. This is spread out on fibre discs, which are stacked and pressed. The fluid components (olive oil and vegetable water) then flow out. This cold pressing process takes approximately 35 minutes. Separation is by the ancient method of decantation (the oil, which is lighter, rises to the surface), or by centrifuging in the more modern processes. The flavour of the oil varies according to the terroir, the variety of olive, the date of picking and the skill of the miller.

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